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Computer service and software

Since 2015 KWEE AUNG Computers has provided the people of Myanmar with high quality computer systems and affordable IT services. Kwee Aung is a local family owned and operated business that is now in the second generation of operators. We specialize in creating custom computer systems that provide our partners with speed, efficiency and easy user experience. From the individual laptop or chromebook for home use to powerful performance desktop systems our staff is prepared to help with any and all computer issues. Browse our online selection of PCs and components online, or stop by our Layton or Bountiful stores for help selecting the computer system best suited for you.


Computers are our business, customers are our lifeblood.

  • Our commitment to their satisfaction
  • Our dedication to long term relationships
  • Our attitude of respect
  • Our business ethics and personal integrity
  • Our relentless pursuit of excellence
  • Our progressive technical skills   
  • Our consistent performance
  • Understanding our evolving market 
  • Our ability to progress with technology

For All Inquiries Please Contact

Email      – contact@burmese.site

Phone    – +95 9797 499355

Address – Corner of 78th Road and Theik Pan St,Mandalay.